Smile Survey

Smile Survey

How does your smile rate?

Have you ever seen yourself in a photo where everyone else looks great but you don’t like the way you look? Your smile is the first thing that people notice. There are a number of ways to evaluate your smile. Everyone has an opinion of what makes a great smile, but the opinion that matters the most is your own! It is time to take a step back and question why you don’t like that photo of yourself. Is it your smile? The questions below are a great starting point to help you determine how you feel about your smile.

1. Rate your smile on a scale from 1-5, with 5 being perfect.

2. When you see yourself in a photo how would you describe your smile?
I rarely smileI smile a lot even though my smile is less than perfectMy smile hurts my self confidenceMy smile does not bother me at all

3. Are you ever worried what other people think about your smile?
Yes, I always worry about what others think about my smileYes, I sometimes worry about what others think about my smileI rarely worry about what others think about my smile even though it could be improvedNo, I don't worry about it at all

4. How do you think that having a perfect smile would improve your life?
I would smile more oftenI would feel better about myselfI would have more confidence with friends, family, and on the jobMy oral heath would improve and be easier to maintain

5. What would you most most like to improve about your smile?
I would like whiter, brighter teethI would like to get rid of gaps between my teethI would like to repair chipped or broken teethI would like to replace missing teethI would like to straighten my teethI would like to improve my oral health routine

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