Invisalign Smile Gallery


Before and After

Case 1 - Teeth Crowding

This patient was unhappy that her upper and lower jaw seemed to be misaligned. Some of her upper teeth bit down inside of her lower teeth, instead of the other way around. This was causing excessive wear, gum disease, and bone loss. Her Invisalign treatment lasted nine months and corrected all of those problems!

Invisalign Teeth Crowding
  • Before-Invisalign
    Before Invisalign After

Case 2 - Teeth Spacing

This patient was concerned that his teeth were abnormally spaced and too far apart. His Invisalign treatment brought all of his together in months!

  • Before-Invisalign Case 2
    After-Invisalign Case 2
    Before Invisalign Case 2 After

Case 3 - Crossbite

This patient felt there was not enough room in her jaw for all of her teeth to fit together normally. Overly crowded teeth can cause tooth decay and increase the chances of gum disease. In 10 months, Invisalign treatment expanded her jaws to fit all of her teeth without the need to remove any of them!

  • Before-Case 3
    After-Case 3
    Before Case 3 After

Case 4 - Overbite

This patient was concerned that her upper teeth overlapped her lower teeth too much. Her Invisalign treatment lasted 20 months and corrected her bite and made her lower teeth visible again!

  • Before-Invisalign Case 4
    After-Invisalign Case 4
    Before Invisalign Case 4 After