Free Second Opinion

Free Second Opinion

Sometimes you need help making big decisions

Sometimes you need extra help making important dental decisions and it would give you peace of mind to have a second opinion. At Del Sur Dentistry we offer complimentary consultations to anyone looking for a different perspective on their dental choices. You will meet with Dr. Roxana Ramezani or Dr. Megan Dietz and they will share their expertise in order to explore all appropriate treatment options.

Reasons for getting a second opinion

  • Dental problems often have more than one solution and sometimes it is helpful to hear about alternative treatments. It brings you peace of mind to reach a final decision, knowing you have explored every option available.
  • Every dentist has a unique treatment philosophy: aggressive, ultra-conservative, or somewhere in between. If you are questioning whether a previously prescribed treatment is necessary, we can give you a second opinion from a different view point.
  • Some dental procedures are expensive and having a cost comparison can be helpful in making an informed decision about your long term dental health.
  • There are occasions when you can have the recommended treatment done, but it does not seem to solve your problem. If that is your situation, we can evaluate the procedure and recommend what next steps to take to bring you relief.

Regardless of your reason for wanting a second opinion, we are here for you in a no pressure setting. Even if you decide to get your treatment elsewhere, we will do everything we can to help you move forward and do so feeling confident about your personal decision.

How to schedule a free second opinion appointment:

Call our office (858) 759-7658 and schedule a consultation or request an appointment online.

On the day of your appointment don’t forget bring the records you have by the original dentist (including any x-rays).

There are absolutely no obligations. We look forward to helping you!